Konstantina (lovespertinal) wrote,

morning scribbles

didn't sleep a wink last night.

now i'm sitting here watching the wonder years left to question childhood.

everyone is so happy as a child. why is this? innocence? is it because we just started our lives and everything looks bright and beautiful and exciting and then once we get used to it it gets old? just like everything else in life?

i started getting sick of life at a pretty young age. probably around 20. except when i was abroad and things were new and exciting i was happy. and thats the last time i was truly happy.

im like stuck in this cocoon thats my dark room and so unhappy. i need to get a job but when i had a job in HK i wasn't happy. i don't even know what I love.

why can't things be bright and happy again. why am i so uncomfortable in my own skin. nobody warns you about your twenties. 
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