Konstantina (lovespertinal) wrote,

time flies.

Its been four months. Holy shit does time fly.
Im in HK right now and its everything+ that ive imagine. Its hard to grasp success and know once youve achieved it. People set goals for themselves to be this and that but once theyve gotten to that point, they are too busy trying to achieve their new goals. Well thats what im like. Reading on past entries I can say that ive done pretty well. Ive met some pretty amazing people that have definitely impact my life and that i will grow from.

I think about ridgewood and how i miss my girls but i know once i get home i will be so bored. there wil be nothing to do and i will miss the excitement and hustlebustle of hong kong. this is a city i can see myself living in. new york is great, i will prob live there once i graduate but it lacks the intimacy that hk does.

thinking about going back to gw is so strange. i will be a changed person and in an environment that has remained the same. at least i have say to go through this with. she is someone that i am growing with at a parallel rate. its a beautiful thing.

i start working fulltime tommorow at ogilvy. its the best fucking advertising agency in the world and im so happy/lucky/feel that this is meant to be.
goals set for ogilvy:
-work like ive never worked before.
-give them above and beyond their needs.
-meet a hot businessman. HAAA

leaving HK in 5 weeks. so weird. gonna miss everything so much. dont want to sleep... dont want to spend my time here half conscious.
i WILL come back.
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